Ndola Lime Company Limited (NLC) is a wholly owned subsidiary ZCCM-IH. The Company was originally founded on 10th January 1931 as the Northern Rhodesia Lime Company Limited, pursuant to an agreement between the Rhokana Corporation Limited and Mr. John Owen Wallen, a Ndola Engineer to supply lime to the mines.



Initial lime burning trials were carried out in wood fired, hollowed-out Anthills at Misundu 16 km North of Ndola close to the Congo border in 1931. The results were good and this led to the construction of underground pot kilns. A second quarry was opened in the late 1930’s at Chipulukusu before the company moved to its present location at Mwatesi in 1962.


In 1973 a new Rotary Kiln was commissioned. In 1986 a 500 tonnes per day annular Vertical  Kiln was commissioned to cater for increased demand of lime especially at the Tailing Leach Plant in Chingola.

Quick limestone consists of 98% calcium carbonate (CaCo3). The rocks are reduced and graded in a series of crusher and vibrating screens and then stored in silos according to size, either as fluxstone for use in the smelters (0 – 10mm) or as Kilnstone (10 – 35mm) sent to the rotary kiln and 35 – 75mm sent to the Annular Shaft kiln to be further processed into quicklime. 10% of the quicklime produced is further processed into hydrated lime.



As a way of supporting the community, Ndola Lime Company Limited has taken up various community development, empowerment and other activities in the country. Among them is support to traditional ceremonies, as well as Financial and material support to the community at large.

Sponsorship of Lime Hot Spurs Football Club is another resposibility that the NLC has taken up.




21st September 2017