Limestone is various sizes with the same chemical and physical composition. The sizes are 0-10mm (fluxstone), (10-19mm) and (19-35mm) kilnstone. The limestone serves as the raw material for quicklime production.

Limestone from the quarry is crushed and screened into various size aggregates.


Metallurgical Operations
In metallurgical operations, fluxstone (10mm to dust) and kilnstone (10-35mm) is used in Mine smelters to flux the metal ores to form slag.

Glass Manufacture
Limestone improves properties of calcium silicate products such as tumblers, glasses and bottles. Limestone inhibits chemical attack, makes it less brittle and stronger but improves appearance and heat shock of glass. Limestone is the lowest- cost fluxing material for glass.

Building Industry
In building industry fluxstone is used to produce both load bearing and non-load bearing building blocks. 10 to 19 mm aggregates from lime works is extensively used in both the foundation and slab of buildings.

Coal Mining
To enhance mine safety pulverised limestone is applied on working areas in order to dilute the highly combustible and explosive coal dust.

Cement Manufacture
Limestone constitutes over 80 % of material needed for Portland Cement manufacture, Cement is manufactured by blending lime, silica, alumina, iron and sulphate in precise proportions.





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21st September 2017