Product Overview

Agricultural lime is ground limestone used for neutralizing acidic soils. Most soils develop acid and become poor with the passage of time due to various factors. The consequence of acid and poor workability of soils is that it leads to unhealthy crops and reduces yields. Acid in the soil creates a barrier that hinders movement of nutrients from the soil to the plant. In order to neutralize the acid in the soil and improve workability of soils, Ndola Lime agricultural lime is required. At 98% total Calcium Carbonate ground to 150 microns; our agricultural lime is able to neutralize acidic soils, increase water retention properties of the soil while conditioning it. This maximizes nutrients made available to the plants from the soil and supplements additional nutrients such as fertilizers. This ultimately improves yields.

Various Uses of Agricultural Lime

Ground lime rock is used increasingly by farmers as Agriculture lime,for neutralizing acidic soils and improving workability of soil.

Agricultural lime is produced as a by product in the limestone calcination process in form of kiln dust


Like quicklime, agricultural lime neutralises acidic soils and improves workability of soils. Calcium and magnesium ions are restored in the soil by soil liming.