Product Overview

Ndola Lime Company limited produces various sizes of limestone aggregates for different applications in Construction and other industries. The limestone is crushed and screened to achieve the required particle size for block making, concrete slabs, roads constructions and related concrete works. The product has superior bonding properties which enhances concrete strength with the right mix of other building materials.

Our limestone is also suitable for metallurgical applications, glass manufacturing, coal mining and cement production among others. The following sizes are generated for the construction industry: 0-10mm, 10-19mm, 19-30mm. The company is also able to produce according to customer requirement.

The products are competitively priced and to ensure efficiency in dispatch of the product as well as other Ndola Lime products, the company has multiple state of the art road weighbridges and a railway weighbridge for convenience and quality service.

Various Uses of Limestone


Limestone, quicklime and slaked lime are all used to neutralise excess acidity – which may be caused by acid rain – in lakes and in soils.

Limestone is used as a building material, and to purify iron in blast furnaces. It’s also used in the manufacture of glass, and of cement (one of the components of concrete).