Product Overview

At minimum 90% total calcium oxide produced to customer required particle size, Ndola Lime quicklime is used for pH control in mining metallurgical process and various chemical industries. Quicklime is also used in road construction for soil stabilization leading to construction of lasting roads. The product is highly reactive and is dispatched under strict supervision in bulk, bulk tankers and/or in bulk bags. To ensure product quality, the production process is continuously monitored by a team of dedicated quality officers from mining of the raw material to the crushing process to kilning and finally at point of dispatch to ensure that only product that meet customer specification is dispatched

Various uses of Quicklime

Used as a neutralizing agent for PH Control in the mining industry’s metallurgical processes and chemical industries.
Lime is produced in a thermal process known as calcination according to the reaction.

CaCO3 + Heat = CaO + CO2

Heat causes the calcium carbonate to lose a molecule of carbon dioxide. The end product is calcium Oxide, better known as unslaked lime or quicklime.

At Ndola Lime this process is achieved in oil-fired rotary and vertical kilns.

Metallurgical Process

In metallurgical processes lime is used for PH control, acid neutralisation and effluent disposal. The Mines are largest user of quicklime

Calcium Carbide Manufacture

Quicklime is used in making calcium carbide, which is an important source of acetylene. The lime is mixed with coke and heated to 2000 Celsius degrees producing molten carbide. Upon solidifying, carbide is ground and generated into acetylene by addition of water